The GRI, Graduate REALTOR® Institute, designation is the most recognized professional designation available to real estate professionals nationwide. REALTORS® who have earned the GRI designation demonstrate a keen understanding of real estate transaction operations. GRI designees are recognized as educated, career professionals that have made the commitment to provide a high level of professional services to clients by securing a strong educational foundation.

Program Description

The GRI program has been redesigned to meet the needs of today's real estate professional. Students will be required to complete 72 hours - a total of six (6) one-day courses for GRI 100 - 600 and more options to complete the 24 hours of elective requirements. And don't worry, if you started the program in the last 5 years, you will not lose any of your completed GRI hours. We have set equivalencies so you can match up your old GRI hours with the new program (see the list near the bottom of the page).

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The GRI designation is an indication of commitment to your industry and to your clients. It is a mark of distinction that sets you apart and gives a clear signal that you are willing to make the effort to become the best in your industry.

Ashley Trautner,
Frankfort, KY

Why GRI? The benefits of the program:

  • Courses count as CE credit in Kentucky (each course covers the annual requirement)
  • The program counts toward your broker license.
  • No ongoing/annual fees or certification expenses.
  • No pre-existing requirements to get started.
  • Scholarships available through KRI to fund the entire program (see below).
  • Specific training in key areas of real estate that go beyond that of a 3-hour class.
  • An expanded network of real estate professionals that can assist in generating leads and referrals across the state and nation.
  • A GRI designation holder typically earns 40% more annually than REALTORS® not holding the designation.

Learn more about the GRI Designation here

Courses to obtain your GRI

There are 6 required GRI courses with each course being an 8 hour (one day) course (total of 48 hours). In addition to these courses, students must take at least 24 additional elective hours. The total program must equal or exceed 72 hours and must be completed within 5 years of starting the program.


I loved and learned a lot from my GRI classes. As a new REALTOR of 15 months, I found it very helpful. We had great teachers with tremendous advice and material. I am more informed because it provided me with real situations and ways to grow my business. I would recommend this program to any agent - keep up the good work.

Lisa York,
Louisville, KY

GRI Courses:

Each GRI course counts as 8 hours of GRI credit, 8 hours of broker license credit and 6 hours of CE credit (3 elective hrs and 3 law hrs). The entire program also satisfies the post-licensing requirement (each course varies in PLE hours). GRI 100 also counts as NAR ethics requirement.

  • GRI 100: Ethics & Law (Instructor: V. Lawson)
    • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
    • 8 broker hours
    • NAR ethics requirement
    • PLE: 3 licensee compliance, 2 agency and 3 elective
  • GRI 200: Risk Reduction (Instructor: V. Lawson)
    • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
    • 8 broker hours
    • PLE: 3 fair housing, 2 agency, 2 risk management and 1 disclosure
  • GRI 300: Competitive Market Analysis (Instructor: L. Disney)
    • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
    • 8 broker hours
    • PLE: 3 advertising, 2 agency and 3 elective
    • PVA (Property Valuation Administrator): 6 hours CE
    • Appraisal: 7 hours CE (Pending)
  • GRI 400: Financing (Instructor: J. Ratanapool)
    • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
    • 8 broker hours
    • PLE: 3 finance and 5 elective
  • GRI 500: Contracts (Instructor: H. Borders)
    • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
    • 8 broker hours
    • PLE: 6 contracts and 2 disclosure
  • GRI 600: Business Systems & Technology (Instructor: H. Fore)
    • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
    • 8 broker hours
    • PLE: 3 technology/data security and 5 elective
GRI electives:

Students can take any combination of the following (must total at least 24 hours):

  • Any NAR Certification/Designation Course (online or classroom, course list here) - hour for hour
  • Special NAR/Kentucky REALTORS®  programs (i.e. EAH) as approved (call for details) hour for hour
  • Other states’ GRI courses - hour for hour
  • Attend the Kentucky REALTORS® Broker Summit - 8 elective hours
  • Complete the LeadershipKAR program - 8 elective hours
  • Complete the Kentucky REALTORS® Professional Standards course - 6 elective hours
  • Keynote courses (online) - 4 or 6 elective hours per course
  • Obtained the NAHB designations of Certified New Home Marketing Professional (CMP) or Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP) - 6 elective hours
  • Hold one of the following professional licenses - 6 elective hours
    • Appraiser
    • Auctioneer
    • Mortgage broker
    • Real estate broker
    • Others given consideration through KRI approval

Course Equivalencies

If you started into the GRI program prior to 2015, the following courses would serve as equivalencies into the new format:

Old GRI Program New GRI Program
GRI 1 GRI 100 & GRI 200
GRI 2 GRI 300 & 8 elective hours
GRI 3 GRI 400 & 8 elective hours
GRI 4 GRI 500 & 8 elective hours
GRI 5 GRI 600 & 8 elective hours

Electives: Any elective credit taken prior to 2015 will count as elective credit for the new format.

Note: The GRI program has to be completed within 5 years, therefore, any course taken prior to the previous 5 years will not count towards the program and must be retaken.

GRI Scholarship

Would you like $1000 towards the completion of your GRI Designation? The Kentucky REALTOR® Institute provides an annual GRI Scholarship. This fund will assist a REALTOR® member in pursuit of the GRI designation.

Download a scholarship application

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