Applying for the GRI Designation

To apply for the GRI designation, you must have met the following criteria:

  • Be a member in good standing of your local, state and National Association of REALTORS®.
  • Complete a total of 72 classroom hours including the GRI 100-600 courses (48 hours) and at least 24 approved GRI elective hours (see Course Descriptions for more details). Courses must have been taken in the five years prior to application for the GRI designation.
  • Complete a GRI Designation Application (see link below). Call 800.264.2185 for details.
  • Questions about elective hours or other course completions? Additional courses are approved on a case by case basis. Call 800.264.2185 for details.

Download a printable GRI Designation Checksheet/Application

Course Equivalencies

If you started into the GRI program prior to 2015, the following courses would serve as equivalencies into the new format:

Old GRI Program New GRI Program
GRI 1 GRI 100 & GRI 200
GRI 2 GRI 300 & 8 elective hours
GRI 3 GRI 400 & 8 elective hours
GRI 4 GRI 500 & 8 elective hours
GRI 5 GRI 600 & 8 elective hours

Electives: Any elective credit taken prior to 2015 will count as elective credit for the new format.