Course Descriptions

There are 6 required GRI courses with each course being an 8 hour (one day) course (total of 48 hours). In addition to these courses, students must take at least 24 additional elective hours which can be any combination of the following list. The total program must equal or exceed 72 hours and must be completed within 5 years of starting the program. The GRI program, and some individual courses may, serve as credit for another designation or certification. For information on what courses may be used, please contact KRI at 800.264.2185.

Each GRI course also counts as continuing education, post-licensing hours and broker hours (CE and post-licensing credits listed with each course below and 8 broker credit hours per course).

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GRI Courses (6 total)

Each GRI course counts as 8 hours of GRI credit, 8 hours of broker license credit and 6 hours of CE credit (3 elective hours and 3 law hours). The entire program also satisfies the post-licensing requirement (each course varies in PLE hours).​ GRI 100 also counts as NAR ethics requirement.

GRI 100: Ethics & Law

Instructor: Virginia Lawson

  • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
  • 8 broker hours
  • NAR ethics requirement
  • PLE: 3 licensee compliance, 2 agency and 3 elective

Utilizing the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, the course examines your responsibilities to clients, to customers, to the public and to fellow real estate professionals. Procuring cause and the enforcement process in regards to arbitration and mediation when a violation occurs is discussed. The course also covers Pathways to Professionalism dealing with the public, property and your peers.

GRI 200: Risk Reduction

Instructor: Virginia Lawson

  • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
  • 8 broker hours
  • PLE: 3 fair housing, 2 agency, 2 risk management and 1 disclosure

The course covers federal and state laws relating to agency, property condition disclosure, anti-trust, fair housing, lead-base paint disclosure, errors and omissions insurance, and other risk-reduction issues. Also covered are other disclosure issues that can be prevalent in transactions such as home inspections, insect infestations and stigmatized property.

GRI 300: Smart Marketing

Instructor: Mike Gooch

  • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
  • 8 broker hours
  • PLE: 3 advertising, 2 agency and 4 elective

Highlights communications skills, prospecting and farming strategies, competitive market analysis, effective listing presentations, how to better prepare a property for the marketplace, new marketing tools and activities, personal promotions, target marketing, working more effectively with new home builders, time management and goal setting for results. This course also includes agency information and a special "10 reasons agents get sued" topic.

GRI 400: Financing

Instructor: Jeff Ratanapool

  • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
  • 8 broker hours
  • PLE: 3 finance and 5 elective

Covering conventional, FHA, VA and adjustable rate mortgages, and credit issues that arise in the loan application process, this course will broaden your client’s transaction possibilities. The course extends participants’ knowledge beyond the “typical” secondary money market loans. Included a recap of certain RESPA rules and regulations and information on tax implications of a residential sale or purchase.

GRI 500: Contracts

Instructor: Harry Borders

  • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
  • 8 broker hours
  • PLE: 6 contracts and 2 disclosure

You’ll leave this course equipped with skills to properly prepare offers to purchase, property-listing agreements and other forms to protect the interests of your clients. The course includes an explanation of typical contract terms and conditions for clear communication. Follow the entire negotiation process with strategies used in the original offer, in presentation, and in subsequent counter offers.

GRI 600: Business Systems & Technology

Instructor: Heidi Fore

  • 6 hours CE (3 elective hours and 3 law hours)
  • 8 broker hours
  • PLE: 3 technology/data security and 5 elective

A comprehensive package of tips, checklists and systems. Topics focus on managing yourself like a business and deal with time management, contact management and transaction management processes. It also highlights marketing techniques and ways to grow your business through different outreach methods. Financial systems and how to construct and manage personal and business budgets will also be explained. How to create effective client presentations using technology like photography and video will be explored. New to the class will be a look into technology systems and how these can be incorporated into your business to cut expenses while making more income.

GRI electives

Students can take any combination of the following (must total at least 24 hours):

  • Any NAR Certification/Designation Course (online or classroom, course list here) - hour for hour
  • Special NAR/Kentucky REALTORS® programs (i.e. EAH) as approved (call for details) - hour for hour
  • Other states’ GRI courses - hour for hour
  • Attend the Kentucky REALTORS® Broker Summit - 8 elective hours
  • Complete the LeadershipKAR program - 8 elective hours
  • Complete the Kentucky REALTORS® Professional Standards course - 6 elective hours
  • Keynote courses (online) - 4 elective hours per course
  • Obtained the NAHB designations of Certified New Home Marketing Professional (CMP) or Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP) - 6 elective hours
  • Hold one of the following professional licenses - 6 elective hours
    • Appraiser
    • Auctioneer
    • Mortgage broker
    • Real estate broker
    • Others given consideration through KRI approval