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Deadline to receive CE credit in 2017 is December 31.
If you complete your course after midnight, you will not receive credit for 2017 and will be assessed a $500 fine from KREC. There are no exceptions. 

Sign up for one of the online courses now and complete your CE early - one less item on your "to-do" list.
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If attending a live classroom course does not fit your schedule, Kentucky REALTORS® offers online education options as an alternative. These courses are available to give you the ability to take courses on your schedule at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. You have no need to hop in your car and take time (and money) out of your schedule to complete a course. Education has never been this convenient!

Please keep in mind, you must complete and successfully pass a final exam for any online course you take. This is a requirement for every course for every provider. If you do not pass the final exam, you will not receive credit for the course.


New Online Continuing Education Courses

These new courses are video based making them more engaging and offering the feel of having the instructor live and in-person.

Scared Straight: Disclosure Issues for Real Estate Agents
3 hours law - Cost: $30
Instructor: Jason Vaughn
This course gives an inside look at disclosure issues ranging from patent and latent defects, liabilities and due diligence to the various types of fraud that can occur in real estate. The course also touches on the serious issues that can arise from the Seller Disclosure of Property Condition Form if not handled correctly and the main causes that trigger a problem. Don’t let yourself or your clients fall into a lawsuit trap during a real estate transaction. This course will help prevent that from happening.

Professional Standards for Real Estate Practice
3 hours elective and NAR ethics credit - Cost: $30
Instructor: Jason Vaughn
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the ethical responsibilities governing the practice of real estate while comparing and contrasting how this fits inside the license law framework. Also reviewed are examples of potential ethical and license law violations and how they should be handled by a real estate licensee. If a complaint is filed due to a potential violation, the material explains what the process entails and what the expectations are for the licensee. Throughout the course, students will be given tips on fiduciary duties, disclosure, confidentiality and other responsibilities that fall in the lap of a real estate practitioner.

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Keynote Courses

Meeting the Needs of Buyers and Sellers
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 3 CE Hours Law/4 CRS Elective Credits/4 PLE Finance and 4 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth and Chandra Hall
“Meeting the Needs of Buyers and Sellers” is a two-part course for real estate professionals that provides crucial information for working with buyers and sellers. Part One, “Positioning Homes to Sell,” examines initial contact with the seller, managing seller expectations, and how to best position homes in a particular market. Current technologies and resources are explored, as well as agent presentations, loan products, and the market challenges an agent may encounter. Part Two, “Buyer Upfront Counseling,” is concerned with how real estate professionals establish relationships with buyers, and how to match buyer expectations with the current market.  This section also explores the process of credit reporting, and describes various loan products in detail.

Fair Housing and Beyond KY
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 3 CE Hours Law/4 CRS Elective Credits/4 PLE Fair Housing and 4 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Vernon Jarboe
Fair Housing laws, beginning with the Fair Housing Act of 1968, were enacted to prohibit discrimination against certain protected classes. Real estate professionals must be familiar with both the theory and practice of Fair Housing when conducting business. This course covers discrimination and housing, types of violations, advertising rules, ADA, penalties, fair employment practices, fair credit practices.  It also explores anti-trust laws, bankruptcy protection, environmental considerations, and data security.

Mastering Real Estate Negotiations
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 3 CE Hours Law/4 CRS Elective Credits/4 PLE Elective and 4 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth
The ability to understand and recognize different negotiating styles and strategies results in successful client interactions and closed transactions. This course introduces students to "DISC Behavior Profiling," training students how to build trust and connect with others, balance emotion and logic, reduce stress, and ultimately achieve a "Win-Win-Win" negotiation.

Real Estate Investing Made Clear
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 4 CE Electives/4 CRS Elective Credits/4 PLE Elective and 4 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Tom Lundstedt, CCIM
You'll laugh and learn as your instructor, Tom Lundstedt, CCIM, enthusiastically leads you through real world, rental property examples. When you've completed this course, you'll be able to comfortably "talk the talk" with your investor clients about such items as: cash flow, NOI, depreciation, rate of return, income tax savings and much more. This course will increase your confidence when working with investor clients and open your eyes to many new opportunities.

Successful Buyer Client Systems
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 4 CE Electives/4 PLE Elective and 4 GRI Elective Hours and 4 CRS Elective Credits
Instructor: Chandra Hall
This course will provide real estate professionals with the proper training, technology, tools and systems to generate more successfully completed closings by educating buyers on the buying process, and by helping buyers negotiate the best terms for a loan and for a purchase.  Discover hands-on systems and solutions to improve your productivity and manage the process of working with buyers to generate a higher return on your investment.  

Successful Seller Client Systems
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 4 CE Electives/4 CRS Elective Credits/4 PLE Elective and 4 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth
Working with today’s sellers is a process that begins with a phone call and should end with referrals after a successful close. The steps in the process require systems and skills.  This course takes real estate professionals through each step of the process and includes unique strategies, dialogues and skill sets to enhance the professional counseling and services provided to today's sellers. 

Contract Law for Real Estate Professionals
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 3 CE Hours Law/4 CRS Elective Credits/4 PLE Elective and 4 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Vernon Jarboe
This course brings an understanding of what constitutes a contract, how to write a contract, the critical importance of the contract in the real estate transaction, and what to be aware of in the process. It also explains earnest money, financing, inspections, title and closing, post-closing, and much more.

Tax Considerations for Home Owners
Cost: $50
CREDIT: 3 CE Hours Law/4 CRS Elective Credits/4 PLE Elective and 4 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Chris Bird
This course equips real estate professionals with the fundamental understanding of tax opportunities and obligations related to home ownership. With the information provided, real estate professionals can raise the awareness of their clients regarding key issues requiring the assistance of a qualified expert.

Beneath the Surface: Understanding the Anatomy of a House
Cost: $75
CREDIT: 6 CE Electives/4 CRS Elective Credits/6 PLE Elective and 6 GRI Elective Hours
Instructor: Barr Stranz
This course is designed to help real estate professionals better serve their clients and increase their confidence when asked questions regarding the construction of the homes they market. The student will learn about the structure of houses, both new and existing, and focus on how floors, walls, and roofs are built. This course will empower real estate professionals to give accurate generic construction information to their clients without taking on personal liability while recognizing when to defer to the assistance of qualified experts.

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Online CORE course

The Core Course is a six-hour continuing education course covering federal, state and common laws relating to real estate as well as recent license law updates that impact your license renewal and real estate practice. This course is required every four (4) years by all Kentucky licensees. Taking six hours of law and/or regular continuing education classes or a pre-license course will not substitute for this requirement. Please refer to the KREC website if you have further questions about this requirement or when it is due. This course also provides six (6) hours of law continuing education credit.

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Online Continuing Education

Note: Once you register for a course, you can begin immediately. All course work must be completed in a 12-month period to earn CE credit.  Your completion date of the course determines the year the credit will be issued. Important:  KREC’s continuing education calendar year is January 1-December 31.  

Environmental Issues in Real Estate
6 hours (3 hours law & 3 hours elective) - Cost: $50
This course illustrates common hazards in the residential environment. This course uses clear language and real-world examples to explain the potential environmental hazards that agents need to know. Each unit includes evaluating properties, due diligence, and avoiding legal liability.

Fair Housing
6 hours (3 hours law & 3 hours elective) - Cost: $50
This course includes the topics pertinent to fair housing in today's real estate world. Students will understand fair housing laws by studying the Fair Housing Act, 1988 Amendments Act and beyond, fair housing in property management, fair housing in advertising, fair housing enforcement, and cultural diversity. 

Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs and Auctions
6 hours (3 hours law & 3 hours elective) - Cost: $50
With the number of homes going into foreclosure and short sales today reaching unprecedented highs, it is increasingly important for licensees to stay current on these topics so as to remain competitive and successful in the market. This course discusses four hot topics in today’s market: foreclosures, short sales, REOs and auctions. Focusing on the legal ramifications of these topics, the course also reviews ways that agents can successfully market these properties. 

Everyday Ethics
6 hours (3 hours law & 3 hours elective) and NAR requirement for ethics training - Cost: $50
This course reflects the latest information from the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).

Property Management and Managing Risk
6 hours (3 hours law & 3 hours elective) - Cost: $50
This completely revised course provides an up-to-date introduction to property management, with a focus on practical advice on how to comply with regulations and avoid liability. Features include Liability Alert features that offer suggestions for avoiding liability from both owners and tenants, case studies, key terms, learning objectives and review questions. 

Real Estate Finance Today
3 hours elective - Cost: $30 (course will take longer than 3 hours to complete)
In a time of financial restructuring and a rapidly developing regulatory environment, this course offers an invaluable resource for real estate professionals practicing in several different fields. From the restructuring of government organizations like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to updated private policies regulating loan limits and flood insurance, the course takes the pulse of the current financial environment and explains it with clear language and advanced educational concepts.

Risk Management
6 hours law - Cost: $50

This course provides the essentials on risk management that every sales professional must know to avoid legal problems and provides an action plan for minimizing liability. Topics covered include misrepresentation, agency, fair housing, ADA, antitrust and more. 

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To complete any of the above courses, you must complete the coursework and the final exam (see below).


Designations & Certifications

The following courses are NAR designation/certification courses and count for GRI elective credit as well as CE in Kentucky: 

Entire catalog of online NAR courses approved for CE in Kentucky


At Home With Diversity - 3 hours elective
BPOs: The Agent's Role in the Valuation Process - 3 hours elective
e-PRO Certification Program: Day 1/Day 2 Bundle - 3 hours elective
Generation Buy - 3 hours elective
Green 100 (redesigning, coming soon)
Green 200 (redesigning, coming soon)
Real Estate Marketing Reboot: Innovate > Relate > Differentiate - 3 hours elective
RPR: Real-Time Data, Market Knowledge, Informed Consumers - 3 hours elective
SRES: Seniors Real Estate Specialist - 3 hours elective
Expanded Housing Opportunities - 3 hours elective
Home Sweet (Second) Home: Vacation, Investment, Luxury Properties - 6 hours elective
New-Home Construction and Buyer Representation - 6 hours elective
Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) - 6 hours elective
Short Sales and Foreclosures (SFR) - 6 hours (3 elective/3 law)
Discovering Commercial Real Estate - 3 hours elective
Military Relocation Professional Certification - 6 hours elective
REO Properties - 6 hours elective
Enhance Your Brand & Protect Your Clients with Data Privacy & Security - 3 hours elective

To view all the courses available online, including additional NAR certification, designation and professional development courses, click here. Then, click the blue box that says "Professional Development/Designations."