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KYR has won the President's Cup and Triple Crown for 2019!
Here is the link to NAR’s Website that goes into detail about the criteria needed to win President’s Cup.  State Associations are required to meet or exceed 5 goals. For local associations, 3 goals must be met or exceeded. https://realtorparty.realtor/recognition/presidents-cup

Here is the link to NAR’s Website that goes into detail about the criteria needed to win the Triple Crown. https://realtorparty.realtor/recognition/triple-crown


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Upcoming Event

Thursday, April 23 • 11am – 6pm 

Join REALTORS® from across Kentucky as they gather at historic Keeneland Race Course to celebrate the pageantry and excitement of Thoroughbred horse racing. 

Support RPAC with your ticket purchase of $500 ($400 for REALTOR first-time attendees) which includes a buffet, two drinks, programs, a ticket to the prestigious Keeneland Room, and reserved row parking. 

Bring a non-REALTOR® guest for an additional $500 investment to RPAC. 

Click here to download the order form.


2019 RPAC Major Investors


Mike Inman*


Golden R

Al Blevins***

Tony Clark***

David Earls*

Charles Hinckley*

Justin Landon*

Ann McDonald**

Guy Montgomery***

Charlie Murphy***

John Weikel***


Crystal R

Greg Buchanan*


Sterling R

Ben Allen

Nancy Allison

Dennis Anderson

Greg Back

Rick Barker

Joshua Barrett

Michael Becker

Thomas Black

James Bramblett

Lamont Breland

Bonnie Byerly

Daniel Carmack

Linda Gibson Cecil

Don Cecil

Steve Cline*

Angi Cline

Sue Ann Collins

Catherine Corbett*

Anne Hart Cornett

Jayne Cox

Greg Crase

Barbara Curtis

Sallie Davidson

Gary Denton

Angel Denton

Brad DeVries

Lois Ann Disponett*

Myrna Downing

Paula Elder

Helen Fardo

Barbara Flannery

Stephanie Gilezan

Kristy Gooch

Brenda Gooslin

John Groft

Karen Gross

Deni Hamilton

Jeff Harrison

Joseph Hayden

Stephen Heartsill

Daryl Hibbs

Ashlie Hogan

Mary Ann Hollon

Kimberly Holtegel

Ronald Hughes

Todd Hyatt*

Norman Jones

Rhonda Karageorge

Tanya Kaup

Brenda Loyal

Scott Lyons

Amanda Marcum

Bonnie Mays

Rue McFarland

Trey McCallie

James McKee

Jonah Mitchell

Elizabeth Monarch

Brenda Morgan

Deborah Morgan

Penny Morris

Joy Murphy

Becky Murphy

Randy Newsome

Kelley Nisbet

Scott Panella

Mike Parker*

Dave Parks

Judie Parks

Janet Perkins

Rip Phillips

Nita Phillips-Allen

Rick Pulliam

Charlene Rabold

Arthur Reed

Laura Rice

Nancy Robertson

Robin Roseberry

Lester Sanders

Kae Schennberg

Kurt Schuler

Jason Scolf

Jim Sewell

Mary Anne Simmons

Joseph Simms

James Simpson

Tim Smith

Mike Spicer

Steve Stevens

Jennifer Swendiman

Carl Tackett***

Libbi Taylor

Tom Thomas

Michael Thomas

James Tinsley

Rusty Underwood

John Vince

Ken Warden

Matt Weaver

Millie Weaver

Nelson Weaver

Debbie Williams

Danny Willis

Janie Wilson

Kathy Wolfe


*President's Circle

** Hall of Fame

***President's Circle and Hall of Fame

About RPAC

By investing in RPAC, you are able to support REALTOR®-friendly legislators who believe in the real estate industry, protect private property rights, preserve the American dream of homeownership, fight for tax reforms and reduce burdensome regulations on your business.  

With RPAC, REALTORS® from across the state have the chance to come together and become one voice in Frankfort – the REALTOR® voice. RPAC is the real estate industry's insurance to promote and protect the real estate profession.

Kentucky REALTORS® monitors legislation regularly, promotes REALTOR®-friendly legislation, and keeps potentially harmful legislation from becoming law.